Compliance & Activities

Corporate Principles Compliance and Activities

JIKO Ltd. observed company’s basic principles by the employee each one based on the idea “Voluntarily revived it”, and was established as a company that took the action with the responsibility of along the prescriptive social norm in 1979. The essences are in attention to needs and seeds that the customer and the society hold, plans of the mechanism of the business, and providing with a function and service necessary for the achievement and promotion stably though are the construction businesses chiefly, and are shipping the business of JIKO as for the merchandise trade. The difference in the developing country and the development country reduced, the product, the technology, and the service, etc. of the development country spread all over the world, IT also developed, and the business of the world scale became an easy society in recent years. The global environment is considered, the achievement of the society that is not a competition but can the coexistence of all over the world it is developed, and the business will be developed with the mind in the future.
Company Action Agenda

1.Purpose of company activity
Our company aims at the improvement of the corporate value through the business, and tries a useful service commodity to achieve the affluent society in both creation offer doing and discretion considering safety.
2.Fair company activities
Our company observes various regulations and an international agreement and in-house rules when company activities are developed, and takes the accountable action along the prescriptive social norm.
3.Consideration to global environment
Our company recognizes the crisis of the global environment, tries to maintain the environment in all respects of company activities, and aims at sustainable development.
4.Social contribution activity
Our company positively does the social contribution activity as a member in the society aiming at the achievement of a better society. Moreover, a voluntary social contribution activity by the employee is supported.


Our Service

▪ Overview

Whether you’re a seasoned exporter or just beginning to expand overseas, talking to JIKO TRADING is one of the best moves your company can make.
Through a range of unique services,

CKD(Complete Knock Down) shipment via major container company
CBU(Complete Build Up) shipment via major vessel

Make documents(Application etc.) for pre-export inspection


Inspection site transport storage, cleaning(If required)


Check the leaving date available


we make a plan how we can pack trucks by showing on the blueprint, before start working on it.
Example Blueprint


Prepares all documents required.


Delivery to bonded area.

1) Order

When both you and we agree with the unit price and shipping freight,
We make a profoma invoice which includes shipping date, insurance, terms of payment, etc.

2) Proforma Invoice

Upon receipt of your order, we will issue a Proforma Invoice and please fax back with
your counter-signature for confirmation.

3) Deposit Payment

Please T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) half of the invoiced amount or JPY2,000,000.,
whichever the amount is bigger, as deposit to our designated bank account.

4) Container Loading & Shipment

Upon receipt of the deposit at our account, we will load and ship the container to you.
The date of container loading and shipping details will be e-mailed to you as soon as available.

5) B/L Copy & Payment of the Balance

After the vessel leaves Yokohama and the B/L is issued, we will
fax you the B/L copy and please T/T the outstanding balance.

6) Sending Original B/L

Upon receipt of the outstanding balance at our account, is cleared, we will either courier
the original B/L or surrender the B/L with your instruction

▪ Transportation Dept.
Permission number: 47096
Blocks transported.
▪ Construction Dept. History
Place Construction Name Remarks
Ibaraki,Tsukuba City basic Tsukuba Kubota Construction
Ibaraki,Tsukuba City basic Tsukuba Kubota Construction
Tokyo,Hachioji South Hachioji district 2-9 town district
Construction besides road of leveling the land
Maruiso Construction
Gunma,Isesaki Ground disaster prevention at center of Watarase river
Otani trunk line construction
Maruiso Construction
Chiba Tsuboi district road maintenance construction Hayano Construction
Ibaraki,Tsukuba Katsuragi district boundary Matsunishihiratsuka line
The north industrial sector road and others construction
Konoike Construction/JV/ JIKO
Gunma,Ohta North of Kanto Highway at West Ohta Takasaki Construction
Tokyo,Tama Construction of Minamitama district leveling the land Hayano Construction
Chiba,Urayasu Urayasu east district pavior thing Hayano Construction
Saitama,Gyoda Integrated flood control measures specific river
Construction(waterway work 2)
Nigata,Hamagazaki Embankment disaster recovery construction Takasaki Construction
Tokyo,Tsutsujigaoka Ueno mansion newly-built Daiwa House
Gunma,Tatebayashi TL-Logicom Tatebayashi branch
Pavement repair
Nigata,Joetsu Landslide prevention Taihei Real Estate Construction